School House

Update November 2016: Since the last update, the school construction has really taken off. We now have class rooms for preschool through class 5 with an additional library and “WOW” room where Sunday services and other gatherings are held.

Update June 2013:  This school term we have opened up our first two classrooms!  Preschool is still being held in the old school house.  Kindergarden and class one are now in the new building.  We have started construction on two more rooms.  One will be a classroom for class two and the other will be an office for teachers in accordance with Kenyan law.

Click here to see a video of Class One kids from 2013 reciting the Kenyan pledge and The Lord’s Prayer

In addition to the classrooms we have built a set of new choos and have leveled out a soccer field.  We are excited to watch as In Step Academy take form!

We have officially broken ground for In Step Academy.  We will be adding new rooms as we grow.  Currently, we are going through the registration process so that we can have an official school that we can bring in students from the community, and have all of our students go through the government exam procedures.

We have opened the first 2 rooms of “In Step Academy”. We are now raising funds for the next four rooms.