Facility Tour

Building before the slurry coat and painting.

Thank you Darin for donating your time and paint to finish the building.

Back of house with finished sidewalks. Hopefully this will keep the mud down.

Ariel View:

Above is the main building housing Jeff, Carla, kids and mission teams. We are bursting at the seams! We are raising funds for the boys dorm to be built ASAP. The building will be two-stories with room for 60 – 80 children. The first floor has the outside shell and inside walls. We continue to build as funds come in.


If you would like to donate to the boys dorm, medical clinic or any of the other projects, go to the donation page, (be sure and specify where your donation is to go). Thank you New York Teams for all your work.

Below are the first two rooms of our school house. This will be the pre-school when the school is built. We will need to have the primary school built by the end of 2013. We will have over forty kids starting into primary school in January of 2014.  We want our children to have the best education possible.

We have built two classrooms. The first room is a combined class for the older kids, then a kinder class. In the veranda we have a pre-school class (it is attached to the front of the main building and also used as a dining room/play room). Our goal is to build 2-4 classrooms a year so our school grows with our kids. We hope to have the school open to the public when completed. This will help make us self-supporting.

Pre-school class below. Love this picture of the pre-schoolers waiting for everyone to head out and play.

We also have a wonderful play area that was been built by one of our mission teams. This building is a covered and screened area for the babies. They can get fresh air and can play without all of the bugs and creepy crawlers.

Meet Ashlee Wood (here with the kids). She helped one of the teams paint the play area inside and out. Yes! It’s “Barney and Friends”. Ashlee spent six months here at RMISF. The kids loved her. She is now married to Daniel Lipparelli, Director of Transformed International, Kitale, Kenya.

We have swings, monkey bars and the only baby swings in Kenya that hold eight kids each. Below, a wooden pikpik (motorcycle) that was built by Terry Kiser from Anacortes, WA.

This video was taken by Mama Carla.

Now for a tour of the inside of the house. Below is the diningroom/playroom combined and pre-school class during the day.

The main part of the house where Jeff, Carla and the kids live, now has triple-decker bunk beds in all but the big girls room and the nursery. We really are wall to ceiling beds!

Sittingroom and one bedroom before the triple bunk beds and below what it looks like today.