Dormitory Project

March 2017: The new water tank was installed this month allowing the girls to move into the second floor of the dormitory. This has relieved much stress and overcrowding of the main house where now only the younger children stay. The foundation for the second dorm has been laid and we hope to continue construction this year.

November 2016: The first floor of the dorm is complete and the boys are living in it. Pending the completion of the water treatment project, the girls will soon be moved to the second floor and the construction on the second dorm complex will resume.

Dorm November 2016

Beds November 2016

Boxes November 2016

Dorm November 2016


December 2013:  The 11 boys that have moved up to Class 1 from Kindergarten have moved into the dorm.  We are already looking at plans for the next set of dorms as we continue to grow.

August 2013:  We are continuing to work on the upstairs.  All of the rooms are framed out and plastered.  Plans for the floor are being made.  We will not be moving the girls into the dorm until we have a waster water system in place.

Click here to see the first of the boys in the new dorm

June 30 2013:  11 boys from class one and older spent their first night in the dorm!  We have put together brand new beds donated from WA State.

June 2013 update:  Construction to the dorm is continuing.  As of now, the downstairs is nearly completed!  We have decided to go with Terazzo floors as it is less costly than tiles.  We are very happy with the way they are turning out.  We are now ready to begin painting and installing the electrical boxes/switches.  Once that is finished we will apply a final coat of wax to the floors and the boys from Class 1 and older will be ready to move in!

Construction to the upstairs has also been started.  The rooms are being framed out and we have roof trusses in place.  The roofing sheets have been ordered and will be arriving shortly.

As of right now we will not have water in the dorm.  Our current septic system is maxed out and we have decided to our long term needs and purchase a waste water system.  Long term this will be far more cost effective as it meets our needs.  The system that we are looking at will cost us approximately $30,000.  Once we have the funds on hand we will install the system.

The construction of the first dorm began in July of 2012.  To make contributions to this and other projects, please click the “Give A Gift” button on our home page, and follow the directions.


Pictures will be added to show the progress of the dorms.