Children’s Home

2017, WE are growing!
In 2006 Step Children’s Home went from a vision and became a reality. It is located on 20 acres of land in the Cherangani Hills of Kenya. We now have the main house/dinning-room 5600 sq.ft. building that houses the girls and babies. It is filled with the laughter of children. The boys dorm is complete and in use. We have built a Sewage Treatment Plant (2015 – 17 major project). When this is completed in July we will continue the work on the second dorm. We are also building 2 more classroom on the In Step Academy and a pre-school. This summer we will add an addition on to Stepping Stones for our handicapped kids, along with a play ground with reclining swings. They will have a shower and sleeping area. We have a few kids that can not handle the noise when all of the children are together, we hope this will be more effective for them.

Our goal is to show these children that they are loved and valued by all who work and visit here.  These children will grow up as one family with no tribalism or prejudice. In February 2014, Grace one of our older children got married, in November we gained the second generation to In Step’s Family. Grace and Alfred have a baby girl and are now house-parents for the boys dorm. We pray one day that it will be these kids who run the home.

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We are blessed with 172 children as of April 3, 2018, watch us grow.

Our children are being educated at In Step Academy here at the facility. As they graduate some will go on to college, while others will go to trade school. We are building hope for the next generation. Who knows how many future doctors, dentists, attorneys, scientists, pastors and school teachers now call our place home! Their futures are unlimited. Hopefully, some will stay and work with us, others will be here for a lifetime because of their handicaps. Our children are loved, well fed, clothed, educated and their medical needs taken care of.

All of our children have very sad stories about their lives and how they came to our home. To read their stories click here,  children. Some are orphaned, their parents have died from AIDS, malaria, typhoid, cancer, accidents and other things. Many were sent to live with relatives where they were beaten, tortured or abused. Others were abandoned, left wrapped in a blanket or on a pile of rags by the side of the road,  in the forest, a field, or an abandoned hut. They were the fortunate ones that were found and brought to the children’s authorities. We have heard horror stories of babies found torn apart by dogs or found dead after being dumped. We are so thankful that these little ones know now they are loved.  Some will carry the physical scars the rest of their lives, but we pray that the emotional ones will be healed.

Director/co-founders Jeff and Carla are full-time missionaries on staff in Kenya. Ron and Joyce run the home office and do fundraising. They travel twice a year to Kenya to help out at the home. We have 4 staff missionaries and are praying for more. There are 50 Kenyan employees, mostly widows and single moms. We have a wonderful staff that truly love our children. We are one of the largest employers in the area.

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The villagers call our compound “The Land that God has Blessed” because we have pure, clean running water. We give away FREE water daily.  We grow many of our  own vegetables and have an orchard that is producing. We have the best bananas you have ever tasted. Now let me show you around.. Oh, if it’s raining take off your shoes.