Children’s Home & Primary School Projects

In Step Foundation in Kenya was birthed in July 2006 when 2-day-old Rehema Grace was found in a cornfield.   Since that time, God gave the founders a vision that eventually In Step would serve over 400 children. 

Simultaneously in 2006, Rehema Ministries was founded in the United States to raise awareness and funds to ensure that the programs and projects at In Step could effectively care for the children that were being rescued and given new life.  Rehema Ministries is currently assessing the cost of needed projects to improve the housing and care of the children. 

Here are some projects that are being discussed and prioritized at this time:

  • Upgrading the current children’s dorm – This will then become a boy’s only dorm once the girl’s have their own separate housing.  South Hills Church in Kennewick, WA has generously dedicated some funding and labor to this project.
  • Dining pavilion with tables and benches for the older children – Currently the children are eating in a tent with no tables or benches.  First Presbyterian in Pittsford, NY has generously dedicated some funding and labor to this project.
  • In Step Academy – School Capacity Building Project – This will allow the primary school to effectively teach and accommodate pre-K through Grade 8 and provide a learning environment that will better prepare the In Step Academy children to reach their full potential, be more competitive in a global marketplace, and improve the sanitary conditions of the school.  The project will include additional classroom space, a new computer lab with newer computers,  updated electrical to handle the new technology. new curriculum, implementation of a grade by grade leadership program, teacher training, additional technology for classrooms, more books and resources for the library.  Additionally, the project will include tile flooring for the early childhood education building and bathrooms with flushing toilets and sinks for hand-washing that tie into the recently completed waste water treatment plant – both to improve the sanitary conditions at the school.
  • Girls’ Pod Quad – This project is still in its initial visionary state.  The concept is to have a dedicated housing structure with 4 “pods” and an inner courtyard that will house different age groups of the older girls at In Step.  We are in the process of assessing the design, cost, timing, and potential funding of this project.
  • Jeff & Carla’s House – Jeff and Carla Picicci through the years have made a huge sacrifice to grow In Step and care for the children.  The couple continues to live in a few non-adjoined rooms with very minimal privacy.  They share the same hall in the building that houses the babies, pre-k children, and their office.  Rehema Ministries’ Board of Directors has determined that the time is much overdue for Jeff and Carla to have a home of their own so that they can continue to serve the children, while also having a place of respite.  Jeff and Carla desire to retire in Kenya and continue to serve as long as God allows them to do so.  The space in which Jeff and Carla currently reside, once their home is built, will be converted into much needed additional office space.  In Step currently employs 62 Kenyans and houses 183 children…they are busting out at the seams!

Please contact Rehema Ministries’ Executive Director, Brooke Fleming, if you have a passion to fund any of the above projects.

Medical Care Projects

Thanks to the faithfulness of our donors, we have been able to hire our first registered nurse in April 2018.  She will be providing onsite care for the children.  Much thanks to Sister’s clinic in Kitale that generously provided many years of medical care to our children prior to our ability to staff our own medical clinic.  We look forward to expanding the services of the clinic in the future.  We welcome short-term groups that would like to offer medical and dental care clinics to our children, staff, and if possible, the surrounding community.  Read more about our Medical Center building….

Water Projects

Today we are thankful that we have one well that provides fresh, clean drinking water to the entire campus.  In 2018, however, we have started to have some challenges with our current well.  We will be assessing in 2018 as to the need of a new well on the “school side” of the 20 acre campus. 

A new Water Sewage Treatment Facility was made possible by the generosity of many donors.  We are so thankful that the facility has been brought up to be full functioning by Tim Mainwaring and Dick Yoder. The grey water can be reused for watering crops.  The entire In Step Campus is becoming more sanitary.  Our goal by 2020 is to eliminate all pit latrines (outhouses) from the property.  

Mission Trip Projects 

Rehema Ministries welcomes groups and individuals for short-term mission trips.  Some choose to focus on helping with or completing a project while visiting the In Step campus.  Most short-term group mission trips typically last 1-2 weeks.  Sometimes individuals or couples with special skills will stay up to 3 months at a time depending on the project being completed.  There is a two phase application process. Once a trip and project is approved by Rehema Ministries, the second phase of the application process must be completed 60 days before departure. Volunteers serving at In Step are required to have a Special Pass by the Kenyan Government.  Read more about mission trips…