September 2017 – Update from Mama Carla

Jambo Everybody! I have been thinking lately about something my Grammy once said to me.  We were sitting in the living room of her assisted living apartment and I was complaining about the pile of dirty dishes that was waiting for me at home.  The way Grammy was looking at me, yet remaining quiet, made […]

August 2017 Monthly Update

Jambo everybody! It’s flower vase season…..more commonly known as rainy season! Rainy season is so important to the livelihood of the Kenyan people!  Most people plant every square inch of their property in maize, which will serve as their staple food for an entire year.  After harvest in November and December, the maize is laid […]

July 2017 Monthly Update

Jambo Everybody! I pray you are all doing well and enjoying your summer! Here in Kenya, it’s rainy season, so we are getting a break from the intense heat! I actually prefer the rainy season over the dry season, when everything is dusty and the earth is cracked and parched. Even now, I’m sitting on […]

June 2017 Monthly Update

  Jambo everybody! I hope this finds you all doing well!  We are doing well, enjoying the rainy season!  Flowers are blooming, the dust has died down, crops are flourishing and there’s such a sense of refreshment in the air! Today I want to talk to you about The Day of the African Child.  Every […]

May 2017 Monthly Update

Jambo Everybody! As always, we are very busy here at In Step Children’s Home!  School has started back up, after a three- week break, so things are getting back into more of a routine. Speaking of school…..we have started construction of the Early Childhood Development building at In Step Academy!  I am very excited for […]

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