Mission Trips

What is a Mission Trip to Kenya like?

Here is a little of what to expect on a mission trip to In Step Foundation’s Campus in Kenya…

Noise and lots of it, from laughter to crying and everything in-between. When you hear them laughing it is absolutely contagious. When you hear them crying it touches your heart because you know that they have people who love and care about them and who are there for them.

What will you be doing while you are here?  You will be busy and your agenda will be planned and approved in advance.  Please be prepared to volunteer on average 8 hours of your time each day, except for Sunday.

Depending on your areas of interest, ability, and areas of need at In Step, you might be playing, hugging, reading, singing, dancing, and holding babies. If you are a teacher you can help out in the school. Doctors, nurses, dentist and any kind of medical field experience are welcome to work with us to set up a temporary clinic in our Medical Clinic Building. For those who like to building maintenance and construction projects, we are consistently in need of people with plumbing, carpentry, construction, and handyman skills. Gardeners and farmers you have 20 acres to play in. Love to cook?  Come help our cooks and learn how to make some tasty Kenyan recipes!

For New and Returning Visitors – The Process

Individuals going on short-term missions with Rehema Ministries to In Step Foundation, whether returning missionaries or this is your first trip, must be covered by health insurance, cost will vary depending on age (the older we are the higher the premium). We use IMG (International Missions Insurance), but others are available for comparison. This is not an option if you are going on a team. When you work in Kenya there are a number of shots that are required most of these are not covered by insurance (check with your local county health department).

Whether you are newly applying to go on a mission trip or making a return visit to In Step Foundation’s campus, please fill out the Mission Trip Request Form. We have a variety of opportunities for serving while at the In Step Campus.  There are team projects that your team can choose to accomplish. With the Official Application you will receive a Skills Inventory to complete to assist us in matching your skills and experiences with our projects. Whatever project you decide on for your team, you will be responsible to raise the funds to do your portion of the project. If you are planning any type of project while visiting, such as a VBS or any other similar project, it must disclosed and approved as part of your application.  If approved, please bring everything you need to make it possible.   All our visitors pay room and board which is explained in the application process.

After you fill out the Mission Trip Request Form we will be contacting you with further information and forms to fill out depending on your status as a new missionary trip applicant or you are a returning missionary. Also, in preparation for your trip, it is important to read and understand the Policies of Rehema Ministries for visiting missionary teams and individuals. For those considering applying for a long term mission worker position (6 months or more), please go to our Long Term Mission Worker page to learn more about the process and positions available.

For Short Term Mission Trips, here is a peek preview of the forms you will be expected to complete before you travel:

  • Short-Term Mission Application
  • Short-Term Medical/Dental Mission Application
  • All applications require these additional items:
    • Submit Background Check with your Personal information with SecureSearch Faith online. The results will be reported directly to Rehema Ministries.
    • “Hold Harmless Agreement” referred to as the Waiver and Assumption of Risk
    • Turn in three Reference Forms from one of your parents (if under 18), a pastor(s), another mission organization, or church member(s).

All the above will be mailed to Rehema Ministries.  After we receive your completed application we will contact you. Please make sure that you indicate a preference for travel dates on your application.

You will receive two packets of information to get you ready and help you get to Africa. The first packet leads you through Getting Set To Go includes information and step by step processes for:

First Packet includes these forms for you to submit:

  • STM Application (full) – Regular or Medical/Dental
    • For your Background Check you will be asked to submit Personal information directly to SecureSearch Faith online using a link and code provided. The results will be reported directly to Rehema Ministries.
    • Letters of recommendation (3)
    • Waiver and Assumption of Risk, aka Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Skills Inventory
  • Review of Policies

Submit all the above and Receive Final Acceptance to Visit the In Step Children’s Home

Also, the packet contains information to help navigate the following areas:

  • Valid Passport
  • Kenya Visa Application
  • Special Permit Application
  • Immunizations and Malaria
  • Airline Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Room & Board Costs
  • Travel Budget Worksheet
  • Send Laptop Donation Per Team For Cleaning And Get Ready
  • List Of Projects To Indicate Interest In
  • Donation of Supplies Needed

The Second packet is All About Going and includes helpful travel information for:

  • Packing List
  • Laundry Service
  • Dress Code
  • Swahili Words for Fun
  • General Travel Info
  • WIFI
  • Food First Week – Sample Menu And Eldoret Shopping List
  • Arriving – Nairobi Connection: What To Expect
    • Airport pickup,
    • Hotel,
    • Transfer to Eldoret
    • Eldoret stop
      • Lunch
      • Food shopping
      • Cell phones
  • Leaving – Your Story and Photos

We look forward to assisting you with your visit and service at In Step Foundation in Kenya. As you go through the process, questions will arise that we can help answer. Please feel free to be in touch with the Rehema Ministries Mission Team Coordinator for assistance at missionteams@rehemainstep.com.