Mission Trips

About Trips With Us

What to expect on a trip to RMISF, children’s home? Noise and lots of it, from laughter to crying and everything in-between. When you hear them laughing it is absolutely contagious. When you hear them crying it touches your heart because you know that they have people who love and care about them and who are there for them.

What will you be doing while you are here? You’ll be playing, hugging, reading, singing, dancing, holding babies. If you are a teacher you can help out in the school. Doctors, nurses, dentist any kind of medical field welcome to our clinic. Now, you that love to work with your hands we have plumbing, carpentry, all around handyman stuff you won’t get bored, gardeners and farmers you have 20 acres to play in. Love to cook? Come help our cooks with new menu ideas.


All photos and videos must have Rehema Ministries dba In Step Foundations approval to be posted or used on Facebook, YouTube, other ministries websites, or for public use. NO nude or inappropriate pictures, videos, drawings/paintings are allowed of any child.

The Process

Individuals going on short-term missions with Rehema Ministries/In Step Foundation must be covered by health insurance, cost will vary depending on age (the older we are the higher the premium). We use IMG International Missions Insurance. This is not an option if going on one of our teams. As we work in Kenya their are a number of shots that are required most of these are not covered by insurance (check with your local county health department).

If you are interested in going on a mission trip then please fill out the Introduction Form. We have a variety of team projects that we would love your help working on. Whatever project you decide on for your team, you will be responsible to raise the funds to do your portion of the project. If you are planning a VBS or other similar project please bring everything you need to make it possible. If you’re just coming to visit and hold kids, we welcome you. All our visitors pay room and board which is explained in the application process.

After you fill out the Introduction Form we will be contacting you with further information and forms to fill out. If you do indeed end up going on a trip you can expect fill out the follow forms as well before all is said and done.

The references will be mailed to Rehema Ministries. Your application, background check and Hold harmless Agreement  should be sent in together.  After we receive your application we will contact you. If you have a preference in date please let us know when you send your application.


If you’re getting ready to go on a trip or maybe just wanting to look ahead before  applying to go on a trip here are some things to read through.