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We are now taking donations using eGiving! To make a donation click “Give A Gift”!

If you can give $10 or $10,000 each gift is equally important, from sponsoring a child to building a building.

Full child sponsorship is $150 per month or you may help sponsor a child in $10 increments. The actual cost to care for a child per month is presently about $130, we use the remaining $20 to help cover unsponsored children. When all of the children are sponsored the extra $20 a month will go into a scholarship fund. We want our kids to have the chance for a college education.

We have been asked. why so much? All our kids live at the children’s home. We have no other means of support except sponsorship. They have three balanced meals a day plus healthy snacks. The money covers food, housing, clothing, medical, education and care giving. We presently have 35 indigenous employees from farm workers to childcare. We have one childcare worker for every seven children, this is all part of the cost of raising a family.