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Two names, one ministry.

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If you can give $10 or $10,000 each gift is equally important, from sponsoring a child to building a building.

Full child sponsorship is $150 per month or you may help sponsor a child in $10 increments. The actual cost to care for a child per month is presently about $130, we use the remaining $20 to help cover unsponsored children. When all of the children are sponsored the extra $20 a month will go into a scholarship fund. We want our kids to have the chance for a college education.

We have been asked. why so much? All our kids live at the children’s home. We have no other means of support except sponsorship. They have three balanced meals a day plus healthy snacks. The money covers food, housing, clothing, medical, education and care giving. We presently have 35 indigenous employees from farm workers to childcare. We have one childcare worker for every seven children, this is all part of the cost of raising a family.

Chris Wekesa



(sponsorships are monthly)

June 2013 Chris came to In Step at six months old. He weighed 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds).  Chris’ mother passed away May of 2013 of malnutrition.  His 2 year old sister passed away two days before he arrived at In Step in June 2013.  Chris is extremely malnourished to the point of his skin hanging off […]

Alice Lomora Aboi



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived on October 8, 2012.  Alice is the 120th child. God gave Psalm 120:1 – 2, I call on the Lord in my distress. Save me, O Lord, from the lying lips and from deceitful tongues. She is now in a safe a place where words cannot hurt her. Her mother passed away two weeks prior […]

Gloria Neema (Grace)



(sponsorships are monthly)

Gloria weighed just barely 4 pounds when we got her. She has the sweetest little face!

Jimmie Mpole (Quiet One)

Jimmie web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Jimmie, brought to the home with his twin brother Nick, is quiet but likes to be held.

Hope Elizabeth

Hope web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Hope, has remained with us this is the only home she knows.

Matthew Isaac Mwaaminifu (Honest)



(sponsorships are monthly)

Born on New Years Eve and abandoned.

Tabitha Bahati

Rehema Bahati


(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived September 2013, Tabitha Bahati is about a year and a half old.  We do not know very much of her story right now.  We do know that she was brought to us by the police.  We hope to know more soon.




(sponsorships are monthly)

Catherine, four or five years old, came to us in August 2014 after questions publicly raised regarding the quality of the care she was receiving at home.  In an apparently dramatic episode, Catherine was rescued and then delivered to our door. She is a cheerful little girl with a strong will and light spirit. We’re […]

Melisa Kizita



(sponsorships are monthly)

Melisa is bright, well adjusted especially likes school time.

Jenny Pendo (Love)

Jenny web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Jenny has adapted very quickly and likes to play with the other girls her age. She also enjoys telling stories