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Two names, one ministry.

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If you can give $10 or $10,000 each gift is equally important, from sponsoring a child to building a building.

Full child sponsorship is $150 per month or you may help sponsor a child in $10 increments. The actual cost to care for a child per month is presently about $130, we use the remaining $20 to help cover unsponsored children. When all of the children are sponsored the extra $20 a month will go into a scholarship fund. We want our kids to have the chance for a college education.

We have been asked. why so much? All our kids live at the children’s home. We have no other means of support except sponsorship. They have three balanced meals a day plus healthy snacks. The money covers food, housing, clothing, medical, education and care giving. We presently have 35 indigenous employees from farm workers to childcare. We have one childcare worker for every seven children, this is all part of the cost of raising a family.

Steve Mdogo

Steve Mkubwa


(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived August 2013, Steve is approximately 2 months old. He and his twin brother Micheal Mdogo were found in a maize (corn) field just outside of Kitale. Both were brought directly to In Step by the Children’s Office. Update January 30th, Both boys are doing great.



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived January 2014, Wilfred was a year old. He had found abandoned at a private residence.  He was malnourished and had a lung infection when he arrived but is steadily improving.  We are confident that Wilfred will continue to do well here and consider his arrival a blessing from God.

Micah Kilima (Hills)



(sponsorships are monthly)

Micah is a very healthy boy who everyone loves to hold and cuddle.

Gregory Mtoaji (Giver)

Gregory web


(sponsorships are monthly)

He is well adjusted, very happy and smiley boy!

Wanjiku Wangare



(sponsorships are monthly)

Praying for healing, for release of seizures and a full abundant life in Christ. (Linda)

Alice Lomora Aboi

Alice web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived on October 8, 2012.  Alice is the 120th child. God gave Psalm 120:1 – 2, I call on the Lord in my distress. Save me, O Lord, from the lying lips and from deceitful tongues. She is now in a safe a place where words cannot hurt her. Her mother passed away two weeks prior […]

Theresa Subira



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived February 2013, Theresa we think is about 2 years old. Her and her brother Sammy were found abandoned in the Forest. The brother knew only their first names. It is always heartbreaking and yet we are so thankful they were found and brought here.

Wayne Mwimbaji (Musician)



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived February 2013, Wayne was left with his rescuer by his mom.  The mother claimed that she was going to the toilet and would return shortly.  When she didn’t return, the lady took Wayne to the children’s office who in turn contacted us.

Victor Ngaira

Victor arrival


(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived July 2013, Victor came to In Step at 4 days old.  He was taken to the Children’s Office after his family refused to care for him because he was born out of incest.  Victor is a healthy boy with a beautiful head of hair.  He is a precious baby boy that we welcome into […]

Annette Mukwana



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived March 2013.  Annette and her brother Toddy (pronounced Toadie) were abandoned in a village near Kitale in July of 2012.  The children stayed with their rescuers until they could no longer be properly cared for.  The couple brought them to the Children’s Office who in turn placed them with In Step.  Annette has a […]