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Two names, one ministry.

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If you can give $10 or $10,000 each gift is equally important, from sponsoring a child to building a building.

Full child sponsorship is $150 per month or you may help sponsor a child in $10 increments. The actual cost to care for a child per month is presently about $130, we use the remaining $20 to help cover unsponsored children. When all of the children are sponsored the extra $20 a month will go into a scholarship fund. We want our kids to have the chance for a college education.

We have been asked. why so much? All our kids live at the children’s home. We have no other means of support except sponsorship. They have three balanced meals a day plus healthy snacks. The money covers food, housing, clothing, medical, education and care giving. We presently have 35 indigenous employees from farm workers to childcare. We have one childcare worker for every seven children, this is all part of the cost of raising a family.

Benson Ipukito

DSC_0064-260x174 web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Benson is a very healthy and happy boy.

Brian Wekesa



(sponsorships are monthly)

Brian was sent to us with his baby sister, Rael, when he was one-and-a-half, in February 2014.  Small for his age, it seems that the challenges faced by his teenage mother led her to be unable to properly care for him.  He was initially treated for malnutrition, as his growth and milestones had clearly been […]

Jason Wangolo



(sponsorships are monthly)

Jason arrived July, 2012 at the age of nine months.  Both of his parents died.  His mother was the third wife of four to his father, and Jason was being taken care of by his three step-mothers.  As is usually the case, they could not care for Jason properly and took him to the children’s […]

Hope Elizabeth

Hope web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Hope, has remained with us this is the only home she knows.




(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived August 2013,  He was found abandoned at a car wash on the side of the road.  He was left there with his immunization records.  Baraza is about 7 weeks old and appears to be in good health.  We are not sure why this beautiful baby boy was abandoned but we are thankful that God […]

Laura Ihali



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived Novermber 2013Laura came to us at two-months of age in October 2013.  She had been found by a good Samaritan, having been abandoned in a maize shamba near a local hospital.  Laura has a sweet face and, although still sometimes weak, is generally doing well here at In Step. graa is

Briton (Brighton) Emase

Brighton web


(sponsorships are monthly)

  Arrived April 2013, Briton is one of four siblings who were abandoned by their mother. She left in December and her eight year old daughter was left in charge to take care of the other three.  Occasionally neighbours would help out.  Briton’s sister was very relieved that her brother was going to a home […]

Mark Mjasiri (Courage)



(sponsorships are monthly)

He was healthy and happy, what happened to his mom?

Everline Hope Nafula

Everline web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived May 2011, Everline was 18 months old.  Everline and her brother were taken into protective custody after reported abuse.  She spent just over two months in the hospital with third-degree burns on her buttocks, thighs and bottoms of her feet as a result of being placed on a jiko (small charcoal burner).

Chris Wekesa



(sponsorships are monthly)

June 2013 Chris came to In Step at six months old. He weighed 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds).  Chris’ mother passed away May of 2013 of malnutrition.  His 2 year old sister passed away two days before he arrived at In Step in June 2013.  Chris is extremely malnourished to the point of his skin hanging off […]