Wanjiku Wangare

Update, May 2012, Wanjiku still is unable to walk, she scoots around with one leg tucked under her. We continue to pray for her.

Arrived Februry 2010, Wanjiku was the 75th child to come to RMISF. She was 3 years old and extremely malnourished. Her face looked too mature for her body, which was about the size of a 12 month old baby. She can sit and feed herself and is even starting to roll around a bit to get from one place to another. So far, she will not bear weight on her legs, but we are working on that. Unfortunately, she is also epileptic. The doctor put her on phenobarbital, which seems to be helping with the seizures.  No one knows how much damage was done during the three years of no medication.

Sadly, Wanjiku’s mother is mentally challenged.  She was admitted into the hospital and when released she went home, got Wanjiku and brought her back to the hospital. She wanted to leave the child with the hospital staff to care for her — after all, there is a roof, beds and medicines, even a meal once a day or so. The hospital contacted the children’s office and they placed her with us. Her mother was there when she was given to us. There was absolutely no emotion on her part. I hope it was because of her mental condition and not a reflection of her love for her child.