Anthony Faraja (Comfort)

Arrived December 2009, Anthony was about 12 months old when he was abandoned at the gate of the Village Inn area of town. He is severely handicapped with cerebral palsy. We suspect that his disability may have contributed to the reason he was abandoned. When he arrived, his hands were completely curled in, the skin literally rotting. With massage and manipulation exercises daily, his muscles are relaxing and he is slowly becoming more active.

Antone & Joel

Antone (left) & Joel (right)

July 2012, great days ahead for Antone and Joel who both have CP, they got wheelchairs! They now have the freedom to be wheeled around and enjoy the outdoors and feel more a part of everything. They are also going to, “My Baby Can Read” classes. It is truly a new world for them.

We have seen an improvement in both of the boys eating now that they can sit up.

February -2012, Antone continues to suffer with eating problems. This is one of the biggest concerns for his health. He constantly chokes on his food or can’t keep it down. This is a common problem with “CP”. We pray for his healing.

Antone & Joel