About Us

Rehema Ministries (dba In Step Foundation) was founded in 2006 by two couples that God brought together who both had the same heart and passion for Africa and its children. Jeff and Carla Picicci live in Kenya and directly oversee all the programs and projects. Ron and Joyce Panzero live in Washington State. Joyce is the president of the U.S. board of directors and oversees the fundraising and operations of Rehema Ministries.


The mission of Rehema Ministries (dba In Step Foundation) is to protect, love, educate, and provide medical and long-term care to the abandoned, abused, and orphaned children who come to live with us at In Step Children’s Home in Kenya.


Our first baby was found abandoned in a cornfield in Kenya on a cold, rainy day in July of 2006. She still had her umbilical cord attached. Jeff and Carla named her Rehema Grace. Rehema means Mercy in Swahili. On that day, Rehema Ministries was birthed. The two pictures on the logo were an inspiration from a painting of Rehema in the cornfield and the shoes from a little girl named Sharon. Sharon showed up at the door of the children’s home wearing a pair worn-out shoes. Those shoes are a reminder of the needs of the children and the humble beginnings of a rapidly growing children’s home.


Rehema Ministries (dba In Step Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) corporation, classified as a public charity. The main office is in Anacortes, Washington. Rehema Ministries raises funds and gives “grants” to In Step Foundation & In Step Children’s Ministry (Kenya). Rehema Ministries is overseen by a dedicated and passionate U.S. based board of directors.


In Step Foundation is registered as a company formed under the Kenyan Companies Act. This registration was necessary to purchase land and to begin the construction of the children’s home. This entity owns the land, buildings and other assets in Kenya. The children’s home is also registered as a Kenyan entity under the Kenyan Societies Act under the name In Step Children’s Ministries. This registration allows the organization to operate the children’s home and provide care for the children. The Kenyan entities are directed by Jeff and Carla Picicci who work closely with the U.S. board of directors from Rehema Ministries to ensure that the needs of the children are being met.


Rehema Ministries and In Step Foundation are excited to share with you more about our mission to bring hope, love and care to abandoned and abused children in Kenya. To learn more about us and how to get involved, please check out the following links: