Page: Brooke R. Fleming, Executive Director

Rehema Ministries is excited to announce Brooke Fleming as our new Executive Director.  Brooke was born in Washington State and has lived in the “Evergreen State” most of her life.  When Brooke takes a break from work, which she smiles and says, “Is not often…”, she loves to go for a drive to enjoy the […]

Post: August 2017 Monthly Update

Jambo everybody! It’s flower vase season…..more commonly known as rainy season! Rainy season is so important to the livelihood of the Kenyan people!  Most people plant every square inch of their property in maize, which will serve as their staple food for an entire year.  After harvest in November and December, the maize is laid […]

Child: Christine

Arrived  July 2017, Arrived  July 2017,  We met Christine about a year before she became a member of the In Step Family.  A good friend of In Step’s had been helping with the extensive medical treatments and surgery to remove an enormous tumor growing between her eyes.  Christine’s biological mother and siblings live in Turkana, where any […]

Child: Martha

Arrived in July 2017,  Martha is a beautiful 7 year old. She is now a loving member of the In Step Family.  Martha is extremely bright and loves school.  She is challenged with the physical issues due to having clubbed hands and feet.  She is a beautiful example of overcoming her disabilities.  She has had three surgeries on […]