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Rehema Ministries, (Trade Names)

Rehema In Step and In Step Foundation Kenya,

The mission is to protect, love, educate, and provide medical and long-term care to the abandoned and orphaned children who come to live with us at In Step Children’s Home in Kenya.

About Us

• We are debt-free.

• We have clear title deed to our 20 acres of land located in the Cherangani Hills region of Kenya.

• We have built a 5,600 sq. ft. building with a 110 ft. veranda that is the main housing. It is over flowing with children. The first floor of the Dorm is up and we are working on the rest as funds come in. The first two rooms of our school are in use and playground area has been constructed. This is an ongoing project as the kids grow (we need two more rooms). The Medical Center is almost done. We need floor tile, bathroom fixtures, water tank/tower and hook up to the electricity.

• We tapped into an underground river that now provides us with pure, clean drinking water. We offer free water to the surrounding community every morning. With water we can now grow year round. A visiting team built two greenhouses in the spring of 2011.

• We currently have 153 children as of November 6, 2014. Our average growth is two children per month. We are the largest employer in Sibanga, Kenya, employing widows, single moms, field workers, building teams and security guards.

• We have ongoing construction projects as funds become available.

• While other ministries have come along side us to provide assistance, for which we are grateful, we are in no way affiliated with any other organization operating in the US, Canada, or Kenya unless otherwise stated on this website.


• That each child would be sponsored to ensure all needs are met. Some of our kids will require lifetime care due to their disabilities; others will hopefully catch our vision and continue what we have started.

• Continue to build family-style dorms so that no child will be turned away due to lack of space.

• Long-term construction goals: cafeteria, preschool, school and technical training center. We hope to build two classrooms a year to keep up with our growing children.

• Become self-sustained by opening to the public the clinic, private school and technical training center.

The estimate for fully orphaned children (having no parental care at all) is placed at 18.52 million worldwide and 60 million abandoned. These numbers are based on Orphan Estimates published by the United Nations Children’s Fund 2009 (UNICEF & CHA). (I am sure this has gone up.) Help us help the children.

We are making a difference, help us change their World!


Population of the United States, as of September 7, 2012, is approximately 314,325,838. What would happen if even half of these people gave a dollar or more a month? Together, we could change the World! Not everyone can go, but they can help people like us who would keep building and bringing kids in to a safe environment. 

Briton and Ron Panzero, Jr, VP Rehema In Step

Children’s Home

Our family has grown!  We now have 153 children as of November 6, 2014. We are the largest employer in our area. Our goal is to hire widows and single moms whenever possible. Read More…

Current Projects




School House (2 rooms)

The school house is being built 2 rooms at a time. This is our second set of rooms, for our permanent school house for 2013

Mary Riziki (Destiny) Psalm 91



(sponsorships are monthly)

Update June 5th 2013: As of today, Riziki has been officially committed to In Step.  We are happy that the long court case is finally over for Riziki. Update 2012, Riziki’s case is still in court we are praying that she will be signed over to us. Her fear is slowing leaving and she enjoys […]




(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived January 2014, Wilfred was a year old. He had found abandoned at a private residence.  He was malnourished and had a lung infection when he arrived but is steadily improving.  We are confident that Wilfred will continue to do well here and consider his arrival a blessing from God.

Pendo Zawadi (Gift)



(sponsorships are monthly)

Pendo makes you smile!

Anthony Faraja (Comfort)

Anton web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Anthony is a happy boy who smiles whenever anyone takes the time to talk to him or hold him, he enjoys being snuggled.

Noel Msamaria

Noel arrival


(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived in July 2013, Noel came to us dressed in Christmas pajamas on July 25th – Christmas in July.  He was found abandoned at a local hotel after the mother checked out.  Noel is a very healthy 3 month old boy that seems to have been well cared for.  We are not sure why his […]

Austin Nguvu (strong)

Austin-260x234 web


(sponsorships are monthly)

Update 2013:  Austin turned one year old this June.  It has been a difficult year for Austin.  He had a herniated belly button that was recently operated on.  The operation did not hold and he must have the procedure redone.  We also found out that he has Asthma.  Still, Austin remains a blessing to all […]

Cynthia Faith



(sponsorships are monthly)

$100 anonymous in memory of Cindy Lou (one of In Steps little ones).

Paul Wekesa



(sponsorships are monthly)

Punished for parents actions.

Shalom Danae



(sponsorships are monthly)

Shalom came to us in the beginning of October 2014 at the age of one year.  She and her two siblings had been under the care of their paternal aunt at the time of their abandonment.  Her siblings were sent to another facility while we received Shalom.  We thank God for sending us this precious […]

Alice Lomora Aboi



(sponsorships are monthly)

Arrived on October 8, 2012.  Alice is the 120th child. God gave Psalm 120:1 – 2, I call on the Lord in my distress. Save me, O Lord, from the lying lips and from deceitful tongues. She is now in a safe a place where words cannot hurt her. Her mother passed away two weeks prior […]

Just want to visit?

If you’re planning a trip to our area of Kenya and want to stop by and visit then email Terry Kiser at or if you’re already in the country then call Jeff Picicci at (720) 887-604 to make sure it’s an ok time to do so.

To Go On a Mission Trip

If you’re looking to go on a mission trip to our facility then visit the Getting Involved page for more information.